Ubud Bali

Ubud is a resting place in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia.Ubud especially popular among foreign tourists because of its location is located between the fields and forests located between the cliffs of the mountain that makes nature so beautiful. In addition Ubud is known for arts and culture that develops very rapidly and move forward. Ubud pulse of community life can't be separated from the arts.There are also many art galleries, and arenas of music and dance performances are held alternately every night in all corners of the village.In the western area of Ubud, there Tukad (times) Ayung. In this river many tourist activities, among which is the white water rafting . There are several tourist services that offer this service. In addition to tourist, along the cliffs Tukad Ayung also has an enchanting natural scenery, and there are dozens of hotels.

Ubud with its traditional markets offer handicrafts, art society. Ubud is one tourist attraction in Bali, a tourist attraction that there is a natural wista - Monkey Forest, museums, Puri saren, natural beauty of the countryside which is cool, because it is situated 300 meters from the sea surface. Still beautiful rural environment that provides inspiration for artists of painting, so that once the center of the right painter.
Ubud is a village district, which lies in the district of Ubud, Gianyar regency with a distance of 35 kilometers from the tourist area of Kuta / 25 km from Denpasar.
Ubud area with artistic talent by offering community-by the form of paintings, sculptures, carvings from wood, gold and silver handicraft and other art. Ubud Village became famous as the birth of the artist painting the area thanks to the cooperation between Tjokordo Gde Agung Sukawati with Rudolf Bonnet to form an association of artists with the name of Pita Maha. Pita Maha is a gathering and a place to discuss issues and developments in painting, as well as to exchange ideas and introduce the art they own.
In the village of Padang Tegal Ubud is still the region, there is little forest inhabited by hundreds of Balinese macaques are quite benign and can be invited to play , monkeys were in the forest of Padang Tegal different than most apes.
The reason these apes is sanctified by the local community.
Visit should not disturb the habitat occasionally monkeys here, as our guest must enter the safe area, which has been provided, do not enter and disturb their territories, because they would be so aggressive.
Puri Agung Ubud ( Ubud Palace )

Puri Agung Ubud is located in the central of Ubud. Ubud Kingdom central government in the past, as well as a center for arts and culture and traditional activities, held in front of the castle. Ubud is still has a layout and buildings maintained as the original. On the front page, after the gate, there is an area called Ancak Saji. Here are held once a week performing arts of dance, for tourists. And every day, carried out the exercise of gamelan music from various arts groups existing in Ubud. All activities are more and thicken the atmosphere of Ubud art as an art-minded village.

Tegallalang located in the north of Ubud around 20 minutes on the way.It taken with this famous tourist attraction with beautiful rice terraces, many tourists who travel to Kintamani stop in this place to witness the beauty of the scenery of verdant terraced rice fields, or have lunch at a restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields.
Not many people can we know that in Ubud northern part there is one area in great many home industries, Tegalalang name, hundreds of stores and manufacturing here, miscellaneous crafts cat and mouse, dolphin, giraffe, etc. It’s made from wood or iron, bags of different models from a variety of materials, Rock carvings small stones, cheap wood carving, wood masks, and so many kinds of crafts of glass formed into a vase, unique bottles, plates, everything is here. Shop & showroom is lined up along the 10 km, if we're shopping here, of course it's cheap and good.

Ubud Market 

Ubud market has three shops which met by several types of bags traditional around Bali, if developed through the pattern of the fabric and the other of Bali. In this market  you can find all kinds of woven bags of different natural materials with designs and attractive colors. The price of sale here there is no fixed price, all must be freely offered. For you, that took a while to Ubud, worth stopping at the market this instruction, and find the store bag. Decent collection can be seen taking into account the hundreds of articles in a different way and the type of raw materials. The traditional market at the end of Jalan Wana vanara, or precisely in Jalan Raya Ubud. Ubud market is an alternative for those who want to buy souvenirs .

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